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Help Desk —
Remote Computer Support

Maximize the Value of Your Network

Willenworks IT Services of Orange County offers remote computer support through our highly efficient help desk.

We provide a highly trained IT help desk that is available 24/7/365. We know that lost productivity equals lost revenue, including the potential loss of opportunities and clients. Additionally, keeping your staff productive is vital to the bottom line.

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By using our helpdesk support you allow Willenworks technicians to quickly access your workstations or servers from our office via the Internet. This also allows technicians to take control of your computer, access files, view the screen, and take control of remote computer’s keyboard and mouse to solve problems quickly and easily.

With cutting-edge remote monitoring and management tools, we can remote into troubled machines across town, across the country or around the world to manage, troubleshoot and protect our clients assets. When a remote solution does not work, we will have a certified specialist at your door with just a phone call to fix the problem so you can resume operations.

Remote Computer Support Services Include:

Get immediate remote support when you need it

Save time by avoiding waiting for a tech to come on-site

Unlimited on-site support for escalations and installations

SSL encrypted highly secure remote connection

Fast response times via our industry best SLA

Unlimited remote helpdesk support for a flat fee

Affordable Way to Maximize the Value of Your Network

Safeguard your business with 24×7 critical systems site uptime monitoring

Increase workforce productivity by reducing down-time and minimizing problems

Professional on-demand helpdesk support – Willenworks help desk is ready to assist

Improve network & data security with Willenworks network monitoring team

Increase performance — extend the life of your IT assets

Maximize uptime and business efficiency with ICS proactive server maintenance

Take corrective action before problems occur with Willenworks proactive maintenance

Remote Support Services:

Server and Workstation Connectivity Troubleshooting

Network, Computer and Server Repair and Maintenance

IT Operations Management – Server and Network Monitoring

Network Connectivity Troubleshooting

Telephone Assistance & Support

Remote Dial-in for Technical Support

Server Hardware Service Including Disk Drives, Memory, and Backup Devices

Network Operating System Maintenance

SANs, NAS , Hubs, Switches, Routers and Firewall Support

Network Administration Services

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Help Desk - Remote Computer SupportOrange County, California