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Video Security, Surveillance
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Security cameras, video conferencing & surveillance system integration

Willenworks IT Services of Orange County – digital video surveillance and video conferencing systems running on IP-based networks.

Our services include: consulting, system design, hardware and software installation, ongoing maintenance, and integration of digital video systems into our customers’ existing overall IT system architecture.

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Camera systems are hard to effectively monitor, generally limiting their usefulness to after-the-fact investigations. We overcome this limitation with real-time, event-driven, live and recorded video, including automatic and user-initiated surveillance and video conferencing. You’ll never look at video the same way again.

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Why video surveillance?

Security increasingly a concern for businesses


Disgruntled employees


Increased use and acceptance in court and for insurance

“Caught on Tape”

Police videos

Why digital video surveillance?

Better function

Improved search, retrieval and management-non-linear

Better storage, preservation, duplication, transmission

Cost reduction


Reduced complexity single network type

What Applications?


Secure your business and avoid shrinkage (theft)
Good way to monitor the outlet

After hours

Monitor your premises after business hours, including motion detection and alarms

Remote Entrance

Give remote access to offices, labs, and parking areas from a central point (e.g. the receptionist can monitor the parking lot and open the gate for visitors; visitors can be identified via video and audio)

Remote Security Services

Security companies can offer services for after business hours or vacation periods, premise can be monitored, motion detected, and recorded

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